Why speak to me differently just because I’m a woman?!

I recently got told all women are on par with men and on the same level…which I firmly believe. But why is some of the male species still think they can speak in a certain way to women, just because we’re women! Well that’s something I wont tolerate.

Yesterday I was having my rant on facebook because over the past week I have had a couple of encounters with such men who have spoken down to me, disrespected my views, spoke to me like something on the end of their shoe and then when I’ve tried to dispute their views they’ve gone further to disrespect me…why? Well let me tell you why…although my opinions were justified and I was speaking in a matter-of-fact way…and I knew what I was talking about they just thought (obviously not with their head) ‘oh she’s a woman…silly c*w probably doesnt know what she’s on about.’ Well….Mr this woman does!

If you’re talking media with me, if you’re talking Asiam music and the entertainment industry with me you can bet your last dollar that I know above and beyond many. 10 years I have worked within this industry and it’s my life. It seaps through my blood vessels and is me and I have only the best intentions for the industry & its people to mind.

It didnt bother me that these people disagreed with me or didnt think in the same way I did, after all we all have different views on everything – what bothered me was the way I was spoken to! I was spoken down to because I’m a woman…end of. One particular conversation was then had with a male colleague of mine, yet he wasnt disrespected!

Strong women are very evident in today’s society…but we didnt grow off some tree, we didn’t use our looks and short skirts to become strong. We used the biggest tool we have (unlike blokes) our brain! I am so passionate about my work and that will always be the case.

Many years ago something like this would have soured my mood and brought me down…and believe I have had such experiences where men have belittled me so much that I’ve been very close to give up…but now they cant move me. I stick to what I believe, I fight my corner and refuse to be undermined.

I hate to see any difference between men and women on matters such as this, but this evidently made it clear to me that there is still a difference. It’s actually quite exhausting to discuss this and bring it to the surface when we live in such a liberal society as its very sad it still goes on. I feel like such a feminist going into this so deeply because I think men and women should walk parrallel to one another. But some men think very differently….even today.

I’m not prefect, I dont always have all the right answers, I dont always get things right…but I still deserve the right to be respected as a fellow colleague…xx


4 thoughts on “Why speak to me differently just because I’m a woman?!

  1. As a young girl who wants to work in the media industry i have found this so interesting and i am so proud thier are women like you who stand for their rights and make a stand against what is so obviously wrong!

    You should be very proud og yourself! Good on yah!!

    • Hi G, Thank you so much for the message. Stick to your goals and if it’s media you want to work in then stick at it. Thanks again xx

  2. As females we still have to try harder to prove our selves twise as much to even match..however.. i think woman are all rounders compared to men! there are alot of men out there who think really high of themselves and are most likely to just be jealous of you and how well you are doing.. to be honest.. even some girls can be really b*tchey now adays and do their best to bring you down!

    End of the day..people who are too weak to follow their own dreams.. will always find a way 2 discourage yours..you just have to have a good head on your shoulders to detail with the situations as and when they come..

    It makes me feel really pround to see an Asian Girl do so well for her self! Im sure it must have been really hard.. Well Done for sticking through tough times.. =)

    Lots of Love and best wishes!


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