What doesnt kill you, makes u stronger….

I love the fact that I’m ambitious, it drives me to achieve my goals. I think others are driven by my ambitious nature too…but last night during one of my regular sleepless nights I started thinking that maybe I am too ambitious. I want to do so many things career wise, hence why I’m so busy and probably why I dont sleep a lot because I have too much going on in my crazy mind.

I still have higher goals…I have dreams that one day I want to fulfill and I truly believe I will. And I believe if I lose my ambitious nature I’ll never achieve my goals…

So the reason for today’s blog is to say dont give up. Stay Ambitious and believe in yourself. There was a dark time in my life that I dont like to think about or recall too often but it’s driven me to succeed in life. I was told back then that I would fail in everything I do….well Ha!!! So far I have succeeded and will continue to do so. That dark time passed me by 7 years ago tomorrow…and I’m thankful to god everyday that I’m not in that place anymore. Life is great…and worth living.

Life wasn’t made to give up, it was made to live, however hard it is. We all have bad days, I have some miserable ones sometimes!LOL.  BUT I’m going to use my favourite slogan today…because it’s a very important time in my life right now, “what doesnt kill you just makes you stronger” xxx


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