Yes you’ve read right – Ikonz magazine will be back!!!

Ikonz Magazine will be re-launched this February by the very person who helped launched it in 2004, Reena Combo – who has now took over the name and the concept.

Ikonz Magazine will be re-invented as an online magazine via http://www.ikonzworld.com.

The glossy ‘Heat’ look magazine was the biggest Brit-Asian magazine in the Asian publication industry, but sadly at the end of 2007 the magazine closed business due to unforeseen circumstances – but all that is now old news…So let’s forget that!

Ikonz will be back bringing all the top EXCLUSIVES, the biggest celebrity interviews from Hollywood and Bollywood, all the latest Hot off The Press News, Music, Entertainment Gossip and much, much more.

The magazine broke records by being the first Asian magazine in the UK to interview the likes of Halle Berry, J-Lo, Jessica Alba and Dannii Minogue – just to name a few. Ikonz also became the first ever Asian magazine to become the official media partner for the Clotheshow Live in 2004.

The online version of Ikonz magazine http://www.ikonzworld.com will be launching online on 14th February bringing back that exciting spark the Brit Asian entertainment industry has missed for the past few years.

“I’m really excited about the re-launch of Ikonz. Ikonz was and is me! I put my life and soul into that magazine and I can’t wait to see it back, I’ve been waiting for this day for too long. I’ve decided to bring it online to fit in with my schedule and fit in with the current struggling magazine economy at the moment. Ikonz is now in my control and I have taken over it totally so I’ll have full control over how it’s run, the content and bring that missing spark back to the industry. Since Ikonz closed so many people ask, ‘will it ever come back’. I’ve had a long struggle to bring it back – but the answer is now yes! The countdown has begun” says Reena Combo.

Reena Combo will be launching the online magazine next month, along with a team a writers and contributors, with even some of the old original team are back on board again!

Ikonz magazine online www.ikonzworld.com will be launching on 14th February 2011 and for the first online issue the magazine has secured some big exclusive interviews from Hollywood and Bollywood.


For all enquiries email info@ikonzworld.com


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