The rise of Bullying…and the lack of awareness 

So this isn’t really in relation to DaminiOrgUK but I’d like to also use this space to voice my opinions on current issues, and this time I’d like to talk about Bullying.

Seeing so many videos on my Facebook timeline of children getting bullied…it’s so disturbing and upsetting.I hope the bullies in these videos are seen by their parents and families so they don’t get away with this!

Those being bullied are probably feeling ashamed that their videos are being shared, but please don’t and please report these vicious crimes.

A lot of the problem comes from schools, because they don’t take allegations made seriously. 

Schools have safeguarding policies but they don’t necessarily educate their pupils on what safeguarding means. I have done a lot of safeguarding training through my teaching job roles and it’s important to do workshops in schools so young people can relate to situations and know there is help out there. 

There are interactive ways of introducing safeguarding to lessons. 

Sometimes just noticing a change in behaviour of a young person can be the first step to noticing something is not right.

BeatBullying used to be an excellent charity that had great celebrity endorsements – they did excellent work but sadly closed down in 2014, due to lack of funding. What does that tell us? 

It tells us that bullying hasn’t had the support it’s needed. It tells us that people didn’t think it worthy enough to raise funds for and that many of us never really knew how needed such a charity would be in today’s world.

We all need to understand bullying more. As educators, friends, family, teachers, siblings and parents we all need to talk to young people about this and make them understand people will listen and they shouldn’t feel afraid to speak out if they are being bullied. Help is out there for them…x 





Yesterday I went to watch the new movie PINK starring Amitabh Bachchan…in probably one of the best roles I have seen him in play in a long time.


The film wasn’t just something to watch to pass time but it was the reality of what is going on in India today, in fact every day.


As many already know the 16th December 2012 Delhi rape case struck a cord with me as it did with so many others, hence why I set up my organisation ‘Damini – The Voice of Strength’ so I watched this movie with a heavy heart and a chill down my spine.


The reality of the movie was chilling from so many aspects. Without giving too much away about the narrative for those who haven’t watched it yet I felt the movie portrayed the reality of the horrific situation in India right now.




The boys

It’s all fine to go out and have a good time.

Everyone does it, a group of guys go to a bar or club and get talking to a group of girls, they offer to buy them a drink, they share a few jokes, the girls smile coyly enjoying the attention and happy they’ve gotten a free drink out of them, the girls even take up the offer to go back to one of your rooms for more drink….but that doesn’t mean it’s an invite to jump into bed together does it?


The Girls

They’ve wore their newest dress, it’s a bit short but perfect for the bar they’re going too, plus it’s not provocative. Just because she’s chose to wear an appealing outfit doesn’t mean she’s going to be ‘easy’. They feel great that they’re getting some attention from a group of lads, but without knowing them and their intentions it’s not necessarily safe to be drinking with them, or worse still going back with them to their room for more drinks.


What does it teach Boys?

Just because girls are smiling at you and laughing at your jokes, oh and they took that drink you paid for from you doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you. Don’t judge a girl because she’s outgoing or dressed in a certain way as that doesn’t mean it’s an invite for you to touch her inappropriately or take advantage of her. Remember every girl you meet in life is too someone’s sister or daughter.


pink02What does it teach Girls?

The film teaches girls not to put themselves in unsafe situations, it teaches them to be vigilant and aware of the situation they are getting themselves into. Think before you act, think before you interact with the opposite sex and think before you could potentially be putting yourself at risk. Yes, all females should be safe wherever they are but as we know there are people out there with terrible intentions who don’t have decent thoughts. You are not doing anything wrong by enjoying yourself, having a few drinks and going to a few parties and you shouldn’t stop just because society stereotypes you for being out-going or independent but what you should do is be more ‘aware’ of your surroundings and those around you. No one can predict these things, and no one can know if you’re going to put yourself at risk of being attacked in such a way because we can’t control those who have such horrible thoughts or intentions, but what this movie does teach girls is not to put themselves at risk. It teaches girls not to trust everyone they meet.


The authorities in India

Well as shown in the movie these people are the worst culprits of all, and this is the reality. This is why nothing is improving in India, and this is why so many attackers and rapists are getting away with such acts. If you’re from a rich family you can buy yourself through the system to avoid sentencing and charges, and if you have connections with the police or government even better!


What many found shocking from the movie was that even the female police officers are happy to cover up such crimes, this however didn’t surprise me at all as it’s something I have heard again and again.


If the authorities can’t be trusted and they are taking ‘under the table’ bribes then what chance do the innocent have?



I personally thought the movie was brilliant and portrayed things very well.


PINK shows how easily girls can get stereotyped and how innocently and easily they can put themselves at risk. It teaches people that they need to change their mind-sets and how we sometimes view people isn’t always a real indication of who they actually are. It shows us how society judges females for being outgoing and independent and how they are looked down upon for having a voice or trying to gain justice.


Hats off to the makers of this movie for not being afraid to touch on this topic and bringing to life the everyday issue of India on the big screen to try and educate people.

Hats off to all the actors who depicted the characters and the storyline in such a realistic way. If you haven’t seen the movie yet then I advise you do…male or female you will take something away from this film.


A story I want to share with you all….

734339_452536081468722_1174637167_nEvery day I recieve a number of stories from girls, women and families.

Every day I recieve reports from India.

All to do with women who have been abused, raped or assaulted….but recently I met someone who told me his story which not only bought tears to my eyes, but made me realise more that I can make a difference, and I am making a difference.

I might not be able to change the laws in India, I might not be able to change the mentality of rapists but what I can do is be a voice for so many women and all the stories that go unheard or untold.

Here is a story I want to share with you all….

At the request of this person I cannot say his name, but he has given me permission to tell this story.

Few weeks back I was out with my sister and a few friends at a bar and this young guy who I’ve never met before asked if I would go outside and speak to him. At first I thought he was drunk and being sleazy so I said no, but he said it was important and to do with ‘Damini’, and that he wanted to tell me something. I agreed and went outside, and asked one of my friends to keep an eye on me just in case….

He started off by praising my work and said he was so proud of what I was doing. He then said I owe you a big ‘Thank You’.

Thank you? Thank you for what?”, I said….

This was his reply, “When I was a kid I lost my sister,” (at this point I thought he meant she had passed away)

“Something bad happened to her, which was beyond her control. No one’s ever told me what exactly. They just kept telling me she had gone away. I’d heard through family and people gossiping what had happened to her though, so I know. My parents disowned her for something that wasn’t even her fault…”

“I’ve heard your name ‘Reena Combo’ many times and I’ve seen you out and about loads, but then I heard what you were doing for your Damini campaign. I wanted to come to the vigil you held in January but couldn’t bring myself to be there. I then watched you on all the news channels, read about you on the internet, followed you on Twitter…and think what you’re doing is amazing.

“I saw you on BBC Breakfast back in January and recorded it, and then saw you again on there a few weeks ago, and again307657_10152365488020314_239955674_n recorded it. I sat my mum down and made her watch it. I translated everything you were saying in Punjabi so she would understand, and said ‘Look mum, look what this girl is doing for a young girl and so many other women across the other side of the world who she doesnt even know! She’s not related to these girls, she’s never even met them, yet she’s fighting for them! You couldn’t even support your own daughter. You couldn’t fight for my sister’

“Today, 15 years later my mum is now in contact with her daughter, I have re-connected with my sister and it’s all thanks to you….Thank you Reena.”

As he spoke to me he had tears running down his face, and so did I… know I had helped him, his mum and his sister unite again filled me with not only pride but more motivation.

He went on to tell me he promised himself that if he ever saw me he would say thank you to me personally and that his mum said that if you ever meet this girl you tell her from me to keep doing what she is doing, because without realising it she is making a difference.

I was reluctant to share this story as I didn’t want people to feel I was blowing my own trumpet, but his story is one that I think of everyday and it brings tears to my eyes every time, but it also make me realise that if we speak out and raise awareness we can make a difference.

I hope to continue what I’m doing, and grow my campaign more. My life has a new meaning….that is the fight for every Damini out there x

No justice will ever be enough for ‘Damini’….or for India!

As it was announced that the four men who raped, tortured & killed ‘Damini’ had been sentenced to the death penalty my heart literally sank….for two reasons. One was relief as I was so glad finally there had been a verdict, and the other that this still wasn’t enough for what they did…nothing would ever be enough. I had tears in my eyes as I kept flicking through the news channels to make sure the news was correct. I had tears in my eyes for ‘Damini’, a girl I never met yet feel so strongly about.

ImageNo type of punishment is enough for these horrible men. One already took the easy route out and took his own life, and the one who was 17-years-old at the time of raping her went through a juvenile court and only sentenced to 3 years in prison, 9 months of which he has already served! He may have only been 17 at the time, however his actions at the time of raping & torturing her were not juvenile at all…they were barbaric & disgusting! I still believe the sentencing he got was unacceptable!

The death penalty sentence for these 4 men will now be confirmed by the High Court and they can all still appeal the sentence. However I pray that these men too feel the immense pain, fear, the feeling of being helpless & powerless as their lives are taken without their choice!

‘Damini’ was helpless as they attacked her, stripped her naked & raped her turn by turn. She too was powerless when they tortured her. She too had no control over her life when she sadly passed away, so no punishment will ever be enough for what these men did.

On one hand I wanted these men to get life in prison so they would be tortured, taunted & abused for the rest of their lives but I’m glad India has chosen this form of judgement as we need immediate action in India for other men who think they can get away with raping women and young girls can see how wrong they are! The Delhi gang rape case has gone on for too long…and we needed something quick and instant for people to see India is taking rape cases seriously.

We all know rape has been going on for centuries in India…and it has still continued to happen since ‘Damini’s’ case…and it won’t stop…That’s the honesty of it all. However, what has changed since the Delhi gang rape is that women are stronger to speak out and so are the parents of such women.

What ‘Damini’s father did I commend. It takes a lot of an Asian father, in fact any father, to speak out and say openly “My Imagedaughter has been raped”. Not only has his daughter made a change in society there, but he has too. Years ago parents would cover up stop stories or act ignorant towards such issues because of the shame it would the family. There is no shame in speaking out, and I’m so glad women and young girls in India are not being silenced anymore!

This sentencing won’t change things in India in an instance. Rape will still continue to happen and women will still be objects of abuse and violence…but this is a start.

Men will continue to rape, women will continue to be silenced by them and their families. It’s going to be a long and tough struggle for things to change in India. Society needs to change its thinking, education needs to change, people need to change and that change can only happen by the government and authorities taking serious action…which is what I think they’ve tried to do today.

We can lie to ourselves as much as we want in believing women are regarded as goddesses…yes they should be and that is what we like to believe, but when you look at all the struggleImages a woman has to face – she will always be dominated by the opposite sex, especially in countries like India.

The new generation, and generations to come will make that change…slowly but surely!

When I set out to launch the campaign #JusticeForDamini I never wanted anything personally from it for myself. All I want is to help other women and be the voice ‘Damini’ couldn’t be.

‘Damini’ for me isn’t just Jyoti Singh Pandey…it’s every women or girl who has been raped, abused, tortured, assaulted, gone through domestic violence and made to feel less inferior to a man.

I wish I had more hours in the day so I could do more for #JusticeForDamini, but I’m going to continue doing what I can. I’m very lucky to be in the position I am in in Asian media, I get to go to nice plush events, meet big celebs and mingle with the stars – but none of it means as much to me as keeping #JusticeForDamini going and making sure my voice is heard. ‘Damini’s’ legacy will live on and I won’t let her name go in vain. I will continue to do what I can for her and females like her.

RIP sweet angel x

Follow me on Twitter @ReenaCombo #JusticeForDamini

Life is just too short – Jiah Khan

I keep saying I’m going to get into blogging more often, but I never get round to it – never enough hours in the day – maybe it’s because I’m actually always sharing my thoughts etc through mirco-blogging on twitter and facebook.

Every so often though something happens that I want to vent about and share my thoughts with about….and this time it’s – Jiah Khan, bless her soul.

I’ve just got back from a glorious relaxing break in Egypt. Just what I needed before I have some personal health issues to deal with, but whilst I was away I couldn’t get the story of Jiah Khan out of my head – breaks my heart to think that someone can feel so low and alone that they felt there’s no solution to their problems other than dying.

ImageI met Jiah a few years back just after ‘Nishabd’, it was very brief but at the time I remember thinking, ‘Wow this girl is going to be huge in Bollywood and she has everything going for her’. I also felt extremely proud that she was from London and flying the flag for us in Bollywood. Never did I think then this would be this budding actress’ fate.

Just before I went away I heard the news of Jiah Khan, and whilst on holiday I read her heart-breaking suicide note. I also read the comments that many people, including Bollywood celebrities themselves were making about her taking her own life…reading some of those comments made my blood boil. How can people be so judgemental?

For someone to take their own life so drastically can only mean one thing – that they’ve hit rock bottom and see no other way out of what’s going on in their head – so who are we to judge her for taking her own life?

Many Bollywood celebs and experts have come out and said this is what Bollywood can do to some people and that is true in some cases, but even after her suicide note which doesn’t actually blame her career they are still stating that she gave up her own life because of her ‘failing career’ – have these people totally ignored that fact that Jiah has aimed most of her suicide note at a man (supposedly Suraj Pancholi), and talked of issues such as rape & having to have had to abort her baby.

Many have jumped on the band wagon and voiced the opinion of actress Riya Sen who has shockingly called Jiah a ‘coward’.

She said, “Suicide is a cowardly act” – well my message to Riya is ‘Not it’s not!!!’ Suicide is not a cowardly act; a cowardly act is ridiculing someone’s pain and not having any sentiment for feeling their desperation. Suicide goes far & beyond that!

Apparently reports claim that Riya had a ‘thing’ for Suraj Pancholi and back in 2010 got very drunk and forced herself on him, and was then seen in a passionate kiss with him…not blaming just her mind – as a passionate kiss takes two! However, this says a lot – maybe Riya’s opinions are more biased because of her own personal feelings and involvement. Whatever they may be, I think anyone who thinks in this way has no right to be so judgemental. I really do hope the media reports that have quoted Riya are not as true as they make out!


Yes, Jiah’s career was probably failing and not going as great as she had initially hoped for, but what Jiah was going through personally goes much deeper than anyone of us could have known.

For someone to say these words, “All I want now is to go to sleep and never wake up again. I am nothing. I had everything. I felt so alone even while with you. You made me feel alone and vulnerable. I am so much more than this.”

Just reading those final few words, pulls at my heart. She says at the very end “I am so much more than this.” – She knows she deserved better, she knows she was better but yet still saw no way out.

No one knows the truth of what happened between her and Suraj Pancholi but them, but if he is behind the cause of her taking her own life then I really do hope that he pays. What some men…and I mean some, not all men, fail to realise is that whilst they enjoy to play games of manipulation and power they’re actions have consequences on some women, and can sometimes bring a woman to her very lowest point.

I have been through times in my life when I’ve felt at my lowest believe me, many years ago mind. Now I am much stronger, but those were times when I wanted to give up on everyone and everything, but I had a great family, and such good friends who got me through those rough times – my heart goes out to Jiah because she must have felt so alone. Only if you are in that situation when you feel so alone, even though there are crowds of people around you will you be able to comprehend Jiah’s turmoil.

So who are we to judge? Who are we to make comments on a girl who had everything going for her yet felt like she had nothing?

What should this story teach us? It teaches us that the world can be a cruel place. It teaches us that life can sometimes become so much for people that they feel they have no other choice. It teaches us that sometimes those we depend on the most & love sometimes let us down.

The sad thing is just lately I have heard a lot of cases where young Asian people have taken their own lives because of depression. It makes me wonder what is going on in our society. Do we not see depression as a serious issue? Why is it that such issue’s within our society still remain to be ignored and cultural ignorance seems to get the better of us?!

This is where you and I come into it. Take time out for those who need you. Take time out to get to know those around you better and listen to a person’s cry for help, be there for them. Notice when a person changes and don’t be so self-involved that you don’t realise that a person who may be acting irrationally may actually be crying out for help.

I’m not saying we can all be saviours and rescue the world; all I’m saying is take time out for others and if you care for someone – tell them. If you love someone – tell them. If you want to show someone how much you care – show them. Life is too short to dwell, and life is too precious for us to feel so low that we take drastic steps.

My heart goes out to Jiah and all her close ones, and many people like her who have felt so depressed that even being alive is too much for them.

Love those around you, let them know you love them, and let them show you they love you….

Life is just too short,


#JusticeForDamini…the beginning

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve wrote a blog, but feel now is the time to get back into it, and feel I have something worthwhile to blog about and share with the world.

I write this on a Saturday night in, in my pj’s and sitting in front of the box. My Saturday night’s normally consist of going out with friends and catching up, but this week I feel totally exhausted, but it has all been so worthwhile. I have spent the past week working hard on #JusticeForDamini.

Who would have thought a week ago a young 23-year-old woman who we have all come to know as ‘Damini’ would have become such a huge part of my life.

I would like to share with you how all this started for me….

Before that however, I’d like to explain my main reason for taking this further. I work in Asian entertainment media and I am constantly able to use my position to get access to high flying ‘A’ list Bollywood celebrities or get into plush events. I am also an Asian female that some people feel they can look up to so I thought surely I can get my voice heard in some sort of way and finally use my position in media for something so important that has deeply touched me. I didn’t do any of this for praise or for publicity, thankfully I have been lucky enough to get a lot of that over the years. I did this because I wanted to help make a difference, I wanted help this woman who is no longer here to have some sort of voice, I did this because I feel so strongly about this…So I did….


Like everyone across the globe when I heard what this budding medical student had endured by a group of men…actually I’ll rephrase that, by a group of evil animals, I was both shocked and saddened. What this girl went through is beyond imaginable and inhumane! I felt sick and ashamed. Ashamed that a place I visit so often to see family, Delhi, was making the worldwide press and being called the ‘Capital of Rape’! We always knew it was unsafe but did any of us realise the seriousness of it before this case had come to light!

I couldn’t get what ‘Damini’ had gone through out of my head and was constantly checking for updates on the internet to see if her health had improved at all….however sadly she lost her battle to live on the 29th December 2012.

When I read the official reports confirming her death I felt heart broken and tearful. From what the press had said her father had said she wanted to live and fight this, but her injuries were so bad and the internal damage caused by those monsters was so severe that she couldn’t fight the trauma that she had been faced with.

That night I sent out the following Tweet on Twitter saying ‘#JusticeForDamini PLS RT!!! Let’s get this trending! #WeshallProtestViaTwitterAcrossTheGlobe’. I tweeted it a few times and went to bed. In the early hours of the morning I was woken up by a number of people’s tweets, texts and calls asking me about my ‘campaign’. I was a bit stunned as I had no idea what they were on about until I went onto my Twitter account and saw the 100’s of retweets and new followers I’d gained in the space of 4 or 5 hours of being a asleep.

Over the next 24 hrs the tweet had been retweeted by Bollywood celebrities, Brit Asian celebs , Media figures and lots of the general public.

I was then urged to do something more, and after the suggestion by a facebook friend ‘Rishi Rikin Madhani’ I set out to arrange a candle-lit vigil in Birmingham. I had never, ever set up a vigil or anything like that before. I had some amazing people come forward from Facebook and Twitter offering their help and support and arranged a peaceful vigil in Victoria Square, in Birmingham on the 3rd January 2013. I also had the support of a dear friend Adam Yosef, and my amazing family to help me put on this vigil near enough single-handedly.Image

In the run up to the candle-lit vigil taking place, the local mainstream press were amazing and featured the vigil on their news programs. I can’t thank BBC Midlands Today, BBC WM & ITV Central News for their support in the run up of the event.

I would have been happy to have just gathered my friends and family at the vigil so was sincerely pleased that so many people had shared the information via social networking sites and that many people had made the effort to come.

ImageThe candle-lit vigil was a huge success with about 250-300 people attending. I was truly overwhelmed and pleased. I felt like I had achieved my first goal of giving the people of Birmingham who wanted the chance to pay their respects and show solidarity to a brave and courageous young woman.Image

I thank everyone that came to the candle-lit vigil. It wouldn’t have been a success without you.

‘Damini’….No one knows her real, we’ve all just come to know and love her as ‘Damini’ (the name given to her by the Indian press) – she’s become the world’s daughter and sister. She’s become my sister…a sister who has been silenced by evil & inhumane monsters. I won’t be silenced and refuse to be silenced.Image

I have made it my mission to continue this fight for Justice and keep ‘Damini’ in the media limelight as much as possible. I want to educate those that need it – this is a huge and important factor that needs to be addressed in India immediately! I want to convey to the mainstream media that not all Indian’s are the same. I want to show solidarity from the UK to India to make sure the government and officials don’t let this animals get off lightly. I want to show the world this is not about being a woman or being Indian – it’s about humanity!


Since the vigil I have been extremely lucky to have the National press contact me and this morning (5th Jan 2013) I was interviewed by BBC Breakfast TV to talk about the vigil and the campaign.Image

Talking to the media is a key factor and is extremely important…but it is not enough I know. I want to do more and will do more. I am currently working on a number of initiatives which I will continue to share with you as they progress. I know I can’t do all of this alone so am happy to take the support and ideas from others. I have had some great ideas and connections come forward which I am going to explore over the coming days

‘Damini’ has taken me on a new journey and this is just the beginning. I will not let her name go in vain….#JusticeForDamini’

Reena Combo



Yes you’ve read right – Ikonz magazine will be back!!!

Ikonz Magazine will be re-launched this February by the very person who helped launched it in 2004, Reena Combo – who has now took over the name and the concept.

Ikonz Magazine will be re-invented as an online magazine via

The glossy ‘Heat’ look magazine was the biggest Brit-Asian magazine in the Asian publication industry, but sadly at the end of 2007 the magazine closed business due to unforeseen circumstances – but all that is now old news…So let’s forget that!

Ikonz will be back bringing all the top EXCLUSIVES, the biggest celebrity interviews from Hollywood and Bollywood, all the latest Hot off The Press News, Music, Entertainment Gossip and much, much more.

The magazine broke records by being the first Asian magazine in the UK to interview the likes of Halle Berry, J-Lo, Jessica Alba and Dannii Minogue – just to name a few. Ikonz also became the first ever Asian magazine to become the official media partner for the Clotheshow Live in 2004.

The online version of Ikonz magazine will be launching online on 14th February bringing back that exciting spark the Brit Asian entertainment industry has missed for the past few years.

“I’m really excited about the re-launch of Ikonz. Ikonz was and is me! I put my life and soul into that magazine and I can’t wait to see it back, I’ve been waiting for this day for too long. I’ve decided to bring it online to fit in with my schedule and fit in with the current struggling magazine economy at the moment. Ikonz is now in my control and I have taken over it totally so I’ll have full control over how it’s run, the content and bring that missing spark back to the industry. Since Ikonz closed so many people ask, ‘will it ever come back’. I’ve had a long struggle to bring it back – but the answer is now yes! The countdown has begun” says Reena Combo.

Reena Combo will be launching the online magazine next month, along with a team a writers and contributors, with even some of the old original team are back on board again!

Ikonz magazine online will be launching on 14th February 2011 and for the first online issue the magazine has secured some big exclusive interviews from Hollywood and Bollywood.


For all enquiries email

Long overdue!

Hi All,

It’s been a busy couple of months for me…really busy. Hence why I havent had time to even write my blog, so apologies for that. Thanks for all the comments on my previous blogs. All you young ambitious women out there looking to embark in media and acting – keep the passion alive and as always I’m humbled by your messages and requests for advice.

So what have I been up to just lately??

Well I’ve been teaching media apprenticeships to young creative people and have gone from teaching just a couple of days a week to full time! I’m really enjoying the teaching. It’s great to be teaching something I love so much. My two passions have come together. I think anyone who knows my media & acting past would be shocked to think that I now enjoy dedicating so much time to teaching, but I really do. It’s so great to see young people progress and be given that chance to learn.

I’ve also been working on the PR for Jeet & Kaki, you know the loved up couple in the Channel 4 reality TV show The Family. They’re a great couple with 2 adorable children and such a pleasure to work with. Big things are coming up for them in the next few months.

I’ve also been busy working on my play…it’s a slow attempt but getting there and I’m loving the plots so far. I think it will be a real eye-opener for the Asian community and I think people will thoroughly enjoy it…especially the ladies. It’s a play that I have been researching for a couple of years and writing for quite a few months! My target is to get it finished by the end of October and then hopefully set sail with it next year.

I’m going to try even harder to keep my blog up-to-date….promise.

Speak soon, and feel free to leave a message.

Lotsa luv, Reena x

What doesnt kill you, makes u stronger….

I love the fact that I’m ambitious, it drives me to achieve my goals. I think others are driven by my ambitious nature too…but last night during one of my regular sleepless nights I started thinking that maybe I am too ambitious. I want to do so many things career wise, hence why I’m so busy and probably why I dont sleep a lot because I have too much going on in my crazy mind.

I still have higher goals…I have dreams that one day I want to fulfill and I truly believe I will. And I believe if I lose my ambitious nature I’ll never achieve my goals…

So the reason for today’s blog is to say dont give up. Stay Ambitious and believe in yourself. There was a dark time in my life that I dont like to think about or recall too often but it’s driven me to succeed in life. I was told back then that I would fail in everything I do….well Ha!!! So far I have succeeded and will continue to do so. That dark time passed me by 7 years ago tomorrow…and I’m thankful to god everyday that I’m not in that place anymore. Life is great…and worth living.

Life wasn’t made to give up, it was made to live, however hard it is. We all have bad days, I have some miserable ones sometimes!LOL.  BUT I’m going to use my favourite slogan today…because it’s a very important time in my life right now, “what doesnt kill you just makes you stronger” xxx

Why speak to me differently just because I’m a woman?!

I recently got told all women are on par with men and on the same level…which I firmly believe. But why is some of the male species still think they can speak in a certain way to women, just because we’re women! Well that’s something I wont tolerate.

Yesterday I was having my rant on facebook because over the past week I have had a couple of encounters with such men who have spoken down to me, disrespected my views, spoke to me like something on the end of their shoe and then when I’ve tried to dispute their views they’ve gone further to disrespect me…why? Well let me tell you why…although my opinions were justified and I was speaking in a matter-of-fact way…and I knew what I was talking about they just thought (obviously not with their head) ‘oh she’s a woman…silly c*w probably doesnt know what she’s on about.’ Well….Mr this woman does!

If you’re talking media with me, if you’re talking Asiam music and the entertainment industry with me you can bet your last dollar that I know above and beyond many. 10 years I have worked within this industry and it’s my life. It seaps through my blood vessels and is me and I have only the best intentions for the industry & its people to mind.

It didnt bother me that these people disagreed with me or didnt think in the same way I did, after all we all have different views on everything – what bothered me was the way I was spoken to! I was spoken down to because I’m a woman…end of. One particular conversation was then had with a male colleague of mine, yet he wasnt disrespected!

Strong women are very evident in today’s society…but we didnt grow off some tree, we didn’t use our looks and short skirts to become strong. We used the biggest tool we have (unlike blokes) our brain! I am so passionate about my work and that will always be the case.

Many years ago something like this would have soured my mood and brought me down…and believe I have had such experiences where men have belittled me so much that I’ve been very close to give up…but now they cant move me. I stick to what I believe, I fight my corner and refuse to be undermined.

I hate to see any difference between men and women on matters such as this, but this evidently made it clear to me that there is still a difference. It’s actually quite exhausting to discuss this and bring it to the surface when we live in such a liberal society as its very sad it still goes on. I feel like such a feminist going into this so deeply because I think men and women should walk parrallel to one another. But some men think very differently….even today.

I’m not prefect, I dont always have all the right answers, I dont always get things right…but I still deserve the right to be respected as a fellow colleague…xx