Yesterday I went to watch the new movie PINK starring Amitabh Bachchan…in probably one of the best roles I have seen him in play in a long time.


The film wasn’t just something to watch to pass time but it was the reality of what is going on in India today, in fact every day.


As many already know the 16th December 2012 Delhi rape case struck a cord with me as it did with so many others, hence why I set up my organisation ‘Damini – The Voice of Strength’ so I watched this movie with a heavy heart and a chill down my spine.


The reality of the movie was chilling from so many aspects. Without giving too much away about the narrative for those who haven’t watched it yet I felt the movie portrayed the reality of the horrific situation in India right now.




The boys

It’s all fine to go out and have a good time.

Everyone does it, a group of guys go to a bar or club and get talking to a group of girls, they offer to buy them a drink, they share a few jokes, the girls smile coyly enjoying the attention and happy they’ve gotten a free drink out of them, the girls even take up the offer to go back to one of your rooms for more drink….but that doesn’t mean it’s an invite to jump into bed together does it?


The Girls

They’ve wore their newest dress, it’s a bit short but perfect for the bar they’re going too, plus it’s not provocative. Just because she’s chose to wear an appealing outfit doesn’t mean she’s going to be ‘easy’. They feel great that they’re getting some attention from a group of lads, but without knowing them and their intentions it’s not necessarily safe to be drinking with them, or worse still going back with them to their room for more drinks.


What does it teach Boys?

Just because girls are smiling at you and laughing at your jokes, oh and they took that drink you paid for from you doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you. Don’t judge a girl because she’s outgoing or dressed in a certain way as that doesn’t mean it’s an invite for you to touch her inappropriately or take advantage of her. Remember every girl you meet in life is too someone’s sister or daughter.


pink02What does it teach Girls?

The film teaches girls not to put themselves in unsafe situations, it teaches them to be vigilant and aware of the situation they are getting themselves into. Think before you act, think before you interact with the opposite sex and think before you could potentially be putting yourself at risk. Yes, all females should be safe wherever they are but as we know there are people out there with terrible intentions who don’t have decent thoughts. You are not doing anything wrong by enjoying yourself, having a few drinks and going to a few parties and you shouldn’t stop just because society stereotypes you for being out-going or independent but what you should do is be more ‘aware’ of your surroundings and those around you. No one can predict these things, and no one can know if you’re going to put yourself at risk of being attacked in such a way because we can’t control those who have such horrible thoughts or intentions, but what this movie does teach girls is not to put themselves at risk. It teaches girls not to trust everyone they meet.


The authorities in India

Well as shown in the movie these people are the worst culprits of all, and this is the reality. This is why nothing is improving in India, and this is why so many attackers and rapists are getting away with such acts. If you’re from a rich family you can buy yourself through the system to avoid sentencing and charges, and if you have connections with the police or government even better!


What many found shocking from the movie was that even the female police officers are happy to cover up such crimes, this however didn’t surprise me at all as it’s something I have heard again and again.


If the authorities can’t be trusted and they are taking ‘under the table’ bribes then what chance do the innocent have?



I personally thought the movie was brilliant and portrayed things very well.


PINK shows how easily girls can get stereotyped and how innocently and easily they can put themselves at risk. It teaches people that they need to change their mind-sets and how we sometimes view people isn’t always a real indication of who they actually are. It shows us how society judges females for being outgoing and independent and how they are looked down upon for having a voice or trying to gain justice.


Hats off to the makers of this movie for not being afraid to touch on this topic and bringing to life the everyday issue of India on the big screen to try and educate people.

Hats off to all the actors who depicted the characters and the storyline in such a realistic way. If you haven’t seen the movie yet then I advise you do…male or female you will take something away from this film.